What To Do If A Red Light Camera Catches You- Red Light Camera Blocker

Authorities across the country are rubbing their hands in glee because, after the installation of red light cameras, the amount of fines collected has shot up. Some allege that these cameras are rigged in a way that drivers just cannot stop in time and they become unwitting victims. Installation of these cameras at traffic points is on the increase and it is more than likely that an innocent driver will fall prey and will have to pay out fines for perceived violations.

The only remedy is for drives to protect themselves against such traffic cameras. One way to do this is to install red light camera blocker on their license plates. What are red light camera blockers and what are the advantages? There are different ways to prevent the red light camera from grabbing an image of the licence plate and deciphering the number. It is an automated process in which the image is read by the computer and the number is recognized if read in full. The system automatically finds out the driver and issues a ticket. If the number is not read fully then the system just cannot link it to any driver and a ticket cannot be issued. This property is taken advantage of by license plate covers. Camera blockers are available in a variety of types. There are active devices that have a motorised control to rotate the plates and there are flashing lights installed around the plate. These lights switch on when the car passes traffic cameras. By flashing lights and causing a glare they prevent the cameras from reading the number. Then there are passive devices that are simple and easy to install and just as effective. check out these tips

In its simplest form the camera blocker is a textured acrylic plate with a microprismatic surface texture. When viewed directly fron the front the cover allows one to read the number. However, when viewed from an angle the microprisms bend light and cause a glare that prevents cameras from capturing the number in full. Cameras are usually installed on one side of the road or high above and will therefore always have an angular view of the license plate. This viewpoint means a part of the cover reflects light and obscures the number partially. This is how car drivers can stay protected against being ticketed. The benefits are many. It is no secret that such cameras and traffic lights are programmed in a way to reduce the duration of the yellow light. Drivers do not have sufficient time to stop before the yellow light turns to red and they are caught in a violation. There are other benefits too. The license plate is fully protected against flying pebbles, against mud and dirt and against weathering effects. It lasts longer. The camera blocker serves a dual purpose and, for a small investment, keeps drivers and the license plates fully safeguarded. It is advisable to choose UV resistant acrylic protectors with the right surface texture from the right supplier for durability and performance.