Reduces Shower Limescale Deposits

We’ve all seen the white film that builds up on appliances. It’s a telltale sign that water quality is not good. If you see it on one appliance, you probably have noticed it on others. The victims of limescale build-up include the shower head, sinks, dishwasher and any place your water comes out of. Naturally, homeowners want to get rid of the unsightly white stains for improved health and home decor. The problem of scale build-up inside the pipes and plumbing and on your appliances is always undesirable. A multiple stage home water filter is a great solution.Find additional information at prevention tips for shower limescale.

How Limescale is Prevented

A high quality whole house water filter will prevent scaling inside your plumbing and fixtures. It does not remove calcium, but changes it to a non-scaling form of calcium called aragonite. The newly formed substance means that scale is minimized because calcium is prevented from stacking. And best of all, it prevents sticking to any metal or plastic.

Although you might still see a powder residue on your glass dishes, it will not scale on the appliance or pipes inside the home. Many high quality whole house filters like the Rhino EQ-300 will not remove the calcium completely from the water supply. The reason is that doing so would drop the pH balance of the water. You don’t want that since alkaline water is the best source of drinking water.

In addition to removing limescale buildup from calcium, a whole house filter like the Rhino EQ-300 is capable of removing iron, calcium and other hardening agents down to five microns. Yet, the water still contains healthy minerals. This process reduces the “hard minerals.” Although it isn’t as effective as a softener system, the filtration unit will definitely soften the water and have a similar effect on laundry. Of course, the filtered water is a lot healthier since sodium is not added to your water supply.

Whole House Filter Also Removes…

On top of removing limescale deposits, the Rhino can remove over 99% of chlorine. Other contaminants that is reduces include pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides, and Trihalomethanes. These are harmful substances that are not eliminated with standard water softeners.

The EQ-300 by Aquasana uses a 3-stage filtration process. The filtered water that comes out of your tap is shown to be a much better quality than most store bought brands of water. Plus, you get it throughout your house for much less than a buck a day. If you try, I’ll bet there is some way you could save a dollar every day. Many people can start by cutting out bottled water and sport drinks.

KDF-55 Filter Media Responsible for Limescale Reduction

The prevention of limescale on your appliances is the result of a whole house filter that uses KDF-55 media, like in the second filtration stage of the Rhino EQ-300. The filter consists of copper and zinc particles. As water passes through these two alloys, it creates a chemical reaction. This is where calcium is turned into a non-scaling form of aragonite.

Karen Manvel of KDF Fluid Treatment explains how the scale is reduced. The filter media minimizes corrosion by lightly coating pipe walls and raising the pH level. Also, the copper and zinc reaction emits a current that kills algae.