Most Frequent Problems With a Foundation-Insights

Multiple conditions can cause a home’s foundation to become unstable resulting in a variety of problems throughout the home. Foundation movement can cause interior problems including sticking doors, interior wall and ceiling cracks, and buckling floors. Problems can be more evident on the exterior of a building or home when visible cracks in the stucco or bricks’ mortar appear. A common cause of foundation movement is soil expansion underneath your home stemming from extremely rainy conditions. Additionally, seasonal dry spells and drought conditions cause the soil to contract and can lead to additional foundation movement. Repeated expansion and contracting causes the ground to shift and places stress on foundation, eventually cracking the slab. The type of sewer lines that lie underneath older homes may also damage the underlying soil layers. Over a period of time, copper pipes tend to weaken and leak, softening and expanding the soil. This can lead to the eventual result of the home actually sinking and causing damage throughout the entire home. Try this site most frequent problems with a foundation


Richard Pacheco of Allied Foundation says, “Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of your home and even render it unsafe. But this can be fixed rather quickly. We complete most of our repairs in one day.” Once the soil begins to swell, shift, or move, you will begin to see signs of this serious problem. Be on the lookout for seemingly minor signs that may indicate a larger problem. At the first sign of cracks over doors or on your walls, call a professional very soon to prevent further damage. The most subtle signs include jammed doors and windows and these signs are often mistakenly blamed on the weather. For reassurance, it is best to have these items checked out by a trained professional. It will give you peace of mind and could save you money in the years ahead. Your house is not only a valuable monetary asset, but more importantly, your home – a place where you should feel safe and comfortable. This security begins with a solid and stable foundation. Trust your home’s foundation repair only to experts in the field.