FPGA- A Closer Look

In the past half century, progress of integrated circuit has enhanced the progress of electronic industry all over the world. Among various products, there is an increasing number of new applications, which changes lives of people on a large extent. However, consumers who are accustomed to new technological products do not like products that are old-fashioned.Have a look at best FPGA for more info on this.

As a result, life cycle for the electronic industry has been reduced and market space of single product has also been impressed by the pursuit of product difference of many manufactures. At the same time, cost of developing a new product is rising increasingly because of the rise of technical skills. Therefore, a type of new product which is of low development cost, short development cycle and flexibility is badly needed under the situation of this kind.

FPGA has a large market under this background. With the increase of the research and development cost, research of the ASIC and ASSP becomes much more difficult. According the data provided by IBS, there is about 40 million dollars spent for a single development. As a result, ASIC and ASSP which adopt sophisticated technology will probably give their dominant role to FPGA while in some more detailed situation, the newly FPGA technology will play its role with large extent.

Progress of technology is the original motive for the development of FPGA. With the introduction of 28 Nano meter technology, over 75 percent application ares will be challenged by the FPGA. Besides, with advantages of itself, FPGA has set foot in many applied ares such as wireless telecom and intelligent video monitoring which can not be solved by the ASIC and ASSP technologies.