Delaware Roof Coating Contractor-An Overview

The reason the substrate is so important to the successful selection of the right roof coating is that how well the coating adheres to the roof is determined as much by the fabric of the roof as by the type of coating. If the roof is smooth and hard then a coating with a high level of adhesion is required. On the other hand, most coatings will bond well to a roof with a rough or uneven surface.I strongly suggest you to visit Delaware Roof Coating Contractor to learn more about this.

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Usually a base coat is applied to the roof before the coating to further improve adhesion, many designed for particular types of roof. Another benefit of using a base coat is to prevent “bleeding” of colour from the original surface into the new coating because roof coatings are designed to not only repair a roof effectively and extend its life but to also improve its appearance.

There are many factors that can affect the success of a roof coating application. Some are beyond the control of the roofing contractors, such as the prevailing weather conditions, but others are within their control such as application to an even thickness across the whole of the roof surface so a professional, experienced contractor is much more likely to enhance your roof successfully in terms of both its look and its durability.

Most roof coatings come in a range of colours and finishes and are usually guaranteed for 10 years. Some also have an added insulating material so are good for the environment as the amount of energy required to heat the building is reduced but, of course, that’s also good for the running costs of the building. An added benefit of this insulation is that it also regulates the building’s temperature in the summer months making it a more comfortable environment in hot weather. Other factors to consider are the coating’s resistance to acid rain and to moss or lichen growth as, over time, these will also affect the reliability of the roof as well as its appearance.

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When choosing an industrial roof coating the cost will undoubtedly be a factor but also take into consideration the following issues which may, over the lifetime of the roof, become as relevant as the initial outlay: Existing roof type, Affect on energy bills, Durability, Guarantee period, Range of colours, Resistance to acid rain, Weather resistance (extremes of temperature), Resistant to moss and lichen growth, Base coat required or recommended.  In some cases you may require a specialist coating for your industrial roofing Рthis is particularly true if you have an asbestos roof. In such cases some of the above considerations are less important than the safety of encapsulating the potentially hazardous asbestos fibres into the fabric of the roof coating.