Choosing and Maintaining Hardwood Flooring Picking out hardwood flooring involves more

Picking out hardwood flooring involves more than finding a wood that matches the rest of your home. While a darker or lighter wood may compliment your existing walls, the type of hardwood flooring that suits your home varies. Some homes or commercial buildings can handle solid hardwood, while others are better suited to engineered. The latter, made from a nine-ply birch core and natural hardwood, is capable of being installed over a radiant heat source without warping from exposure. Buildings that aren’t built with a radiant heat source, instead, are better suited to solid hardwood flooring.You may want to check out advice on maintaining hardwood floor for more.

But, part of having hardwood flooring isn’t only finding a wood and finish that matches your building but also the upkeep. Tracks and dirt through a building or home will dull the appearance of hardwood, and cleaning it regularly is a must. One suggestion is to sweep it with a soft-bristle broom to prevent any scratches. Another option is to wash it with water and mild soap. Mop the surface of the wood with a sponge and allow it to air dry.

Another aspect when considering hardwood flooring is maintaining their appearance. Once the dirt is off, you want the finish to appear radiant and bright. This is often done by way of floor treatments, which should be done about once a month. Choose a conditioning or floor cleaning product that can be sprayed on the surface and then wipe it off.