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Custody Lawyer Woodstock GA – At a glance

If you are fortunate, you and your ex will be in basic agreement about custody of your children, and you will be able to amicably settle a custody agreement. However, most custody cases are contested, and even cases that begin amicably can quickly turn sour. In all likelihood, you will require an attorney to represent you, and to help reach a resolution that is in the best interest of your children.I strongly suggest you visit Custody Lawyer Woodstock GA  to learn more about this.

There may be hundreds of lawyers in your area who specialize in custody cases, so you may need to spend time weeding through a directory. The first thing to look for is that a prospective custody lawyer also be a Certified Family Law Specialist. The general field of family law also covers issues such as divorce, domestic violence, child and spousal support, division of property, and much more; requirements for certification vary from state to state, but in general, a lawyer seeking certification in family law must have devoted a percentage of his or her practice to this specialty (usually 25 percent), handled a wide variety of issues in family law; passed a written examination, as well as evaluations by peers and judges; and attended continuing education seminars in family law. In the state of California, for instance, out of nearly 200,000 practicing lawyers, only about a thousand have been certified as family law specialists, so you can narrow your choices considerably.

Any good lawyer will be happy to provide you with references. But don’t just browse through the list; call a few references and ask about their experiences with your prospective lawyer. Be sure the references that you speak with had cases that are similar to yours.

Your lawyer, obviously, should have experience in custody cases that are similar to yours. He or she should also have a successful track record in dealing with judges in your jurisdiction. Ideally, of course, a court operates on the basis of an unbiased judgment, but if your lawyer has already won cases with your judge, that is a positive sign. If you know who your judge will be, ask about any cases that your prospective lawyer has argued before that judge, or do some research and look up details on your own.

When you interview your prospective lawyer, be sure that the lawyer does not direct the interview. He or she will of course have questions for you about your case, but prepare an extended list of questions beforehand that you will ask the lawyer. You should ask about cost estimates, the estimated length of the case, and specifics regarding strategy. You should plan to interview at least three lawyers; ask them the same questions, so you can easily compare answers.

Also, make sure that you and your prospective lawyer are personally compatible. You will be spending time together discussing issues that are very personal to you, and you should be comfortable trusting your lawyer with such matters. If your lawyer is sincerely sympathetic to your case, then he or she will present that case positively before the judge. At the same time, bear in mind that, as in any custody case, the primary issue is what is in the best interest of the child. More and more custody cases are being resolved in some form of joint custody, in which both parents continue to be actively involved in raising their child. Your lawyer should not be overly aggressive, and should be willing to compromise if the parties move in that direction.

Types of DUI Charges in Los Angeles

Did you know that driving under the influence (DUI) is the leading cause of traffic and highway-related deaths and accidents not only in the United States but in other developed countries as well?DUI in Los Angeles is one of the authority sites on this topic.

What is driving under the influence (DUI)?

DUI is the act of driving a motor vehicle or an automobile when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is beyond the specified limit of.08. It is a criminal offense in majority of countries where severity of penalty depends on the degree of conviction and the state where the crime is committed.

Different states in the United States imposed tough measures and laws to discourage DUI and to curb the damages caused by DUI-related accidents. Even though most counties and states adopted specific laws and regulations on DUI, the minimum sentences for those found guilty of DUI are based on their BAC.

Statistics and Facts about DUI:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 50% of children killed in motor vehicle crashes are caused by DUI-related crashes and 40% of traffic-related deaths are caused by DUI in the United States alone. Moreover, about 513,000 individuals are injured in alcohol-related crashes and injuries every year, wherein 59 of them are injured every hour and one person every minute.

About 20% of the population is involved in DUI-related crash in their life and impaired driving is one common intentional crime committed which causes one death in less than an hour.

Most often, it is difficult to find a DUI defense lawyer to defend you in court because the arresting police already carried out multiple test to confirm that you are guilty of DUI. If you are arrested for DUI charges, it is best that you get and you consult a DUI lawyer immediately. If proven guilty in court, you could be imprisoned and penalized.

Ways of defending yourself from DUI charges:

Regardless of the severity of your charges, it is important to hire a DUI lawyer immediately. Select one who has several years of experience in handling your case and who is knowledgeable in DUI laws. He should be well-versed in getting you out of the mess and knows how to erase DUI charges filed against you, which could impact your life and your career development.

How DUI attorneys can get you out of the DUI charges:

Regardless of the severity of your charges, it is important to hire a DUI lawyer immediately. Select one who has several years experience in handling your case and who are knowledgeable in DUI laws. He is well versed in getting you out of the mess and he knows how to erase DUI charges filed against you, which could impact your life and your career development.

DUI attorneys have access to best witnesses who can help rebut testimonies against you and who can prove in court that the results of chemical tests are invalid and unreliable. They can speak on your behalf and can defend you during hearings and trials to ensure that your driving privileges would not be revoked or would be reinstated. However, if you are convicted for DUI charges, they can find ways to minimize penalties filed against you and can speak to court judges before final decision is laid down.

Unknown Facts About Lawyers in Anchorage Alaska

Being charged with a crime is usually a frightening experience. To ensure that you are knowledgeable of the charges against you, you should hire a lawyer. The lawyer will educate you so that you can fully understand all the charges against you. The more informed you will be, the more you will be able to fight the charges made against you.

Other than helping you to understand the charges against you, the lawyer will also help you in understanding what to expect in a court of law. In some instances a court case can be a long and lengthy process which can be confusing for you. Having a lawyer will be very beneficial as the lawyer will guide you in every step of the way.We get more info on lawyers in anchorage alaska.

Another benefit of working with a solicitor is that you have high chances of receiving a reduced sentence or settlement. The solicitor will work with you and guide you on ways in which you can reduce your sentence.

To ensure that you get these benefits, you should hire the right solicitor. One of the best ways of determining whether the lawyer is the right one is to undertake interviews.

The good side is that many lawyers will allow you to interview them for free. During the interviews, you should ask the lawyer to let you know the length of time that he/she has been practicing.

You should also ask the lawyer to let you know his/her track record. As rule of thumb, you should not believe the word of mouth given by the lawyer; you should ask the attorney to give you contacts of people that he has worked with before.

You should also do background checks to determine the lawyer’s reputation. One of the best places to do the checks is online. Here you should take a look at the review sites. To be on the safe side you should only hire a lawyer with the highest number of positive reviews.

Other than interviewing the lawyer, you should also consult martindale-hubble law directory. This is a very rich directory containing a lot of information about different lawyers and law firms from over 160 countries. Here you will find many lawyers and law firms to choose from.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney-An Info

In case you or someone you care about is a victim of a motorbike crash resulting in traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney and a specialist in traumatic brain injuries who can help reconstruct the incident and also acquire compensation. There are several possible causes of brain injuries, but the leading cause is motorcycle accidents. Motorbike accidents along with auto accidents are the biggest source of these injuries in the United States alone. Vehicle drivers often do not see motorcycle drivers on the highway or give them the right of way which means that motorcyclists are at a higher risk of accident than car drivers. For motorcyclists, 1 out of 5 involved in crashes receives neck or head injuries which result in most motorcyclists’ death.

I strongly suggest you to visit Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney to learn more about this.

Many of the most typical head injuries caused by a motorcycle accident include skull fractures, concussions and contusions. A skull fracture occurs when the bones in your head break apart. Even though these may heal on their own, serious injury may still occur. Concussions and contusions occur if your brain gets bruised, that can cause dizziness, migraines as well as mild headaches. In extreme circumstances, they can bring about loss of memory or concentration.

Suffering a head trauma can be a life-altering experience and can affect you for several years after the event when the injury happened. Regardless of it being illegal to operate a motorcycle, while not wearing a helmet, head injuries are astoundingly common. If you have experienced head traumas because of a motorcycle accident which wasn’t your fault; you could be entitled to make a considerable compensation claim.

It’s typical to file a claim after a motorcycle accident for compensation. Your insurance provider ought to provide the finances you need to help replace or repair your motorbike. Claims can also be submitted for personal injuries suffered because of a motorbike accident. If you’re injured after a motorbike accident, it’s important that you file a claim to help cover a part of the costs of medical bills. You can also be compensated for lost earnings. Regrettably, it is not always easy to get the money out of insurance carriers and you need an accident lawyer to fight for you and get you what you deserve. It is necessary to know your rights since the laws overseeing motorbike accidents aren’t the same as those overseeing cars.

A motorcycle accident attorney will deal with your case and help you recover both financially and emotionally. You never know what the other parties in the accident will choose to do. Be certain that the motorbike accident attorney has experience in this area of the law, as this is a unique kind of accident and the personal injury attorney that does not comprehend motorbike mechanics, does not know the statistics of irresponsible drivers and doesn’t have the expertise or resources that are necessary to build a winning claim and obtain a reasonable amount of compensation for the victim.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit-Fundamentals Explained

The crash, between two motorcycles, was the result of speeding. According to authorities, one of the motorcycles involved in the accident was going around 100 mph when the driver lost control. This caused the driver of the second motorcycle to lose control and crash. Both motorcyclists had passengers riding along with them at the time of the crash. One of the motorcyclists was charged with reckless driving as a result of the accident.motorcycle accident lawsuit is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Typically when a motorcycle accident like this occurs, the reckless motorcyclist will likely be found liable for the injuries and damages caused from the accident. Although the second motorcyclist actually collided into the first, the first motorcyclist’s reckless driving, “set the wheels in motion”, for the subsequent crash. Had the first motorcyclist obeyed the speed limit and controlled his motorcycle, this accident may not have happened.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that these crashes often lead to serious personal injuries and even death. According to statistics, two thirds of all fatal motorcycle crashes are caused in part by speed. Of course, speed is also a leading cause of non-fatal crashes. The alarming part about these statistics is that speed is something that is completely under driver control.

Although other factors may contribute to a motorcycle accident, if the driver is speeding, resulting injuries will likely be more severe because of the increase of force upon contact. Speed also affects the reaction time of motorcyclists.

Speed limits across Missouri do not exceed 70 mph for motorcyclists, yet many motorcycle accidents deal with drivers traveling at speeds 80 m.p.h. and higher. As an avid motorcyclist, I know how exciting and enthralling a motorcycle ride on a nice day can be. However, it is important to keep in mind that nothing is worth everyone’s safety. It is important to take the following precautions when riding:

(1)Refrain from speeding and reckless driving;

(2)Wear protective gear and a helmet; and

(3)Always anticipate the worst case scenario.

Although most motorcycle accidents are caused by other passenger motor vehicles, the number of single-motorcycle accidents is on the rise. Speed is a significant factor in most single cycle crashes. If you or a loved one are involved in a Missouri motorcycle accident, it is important that you obtain an experienced personal injury attorney who handles motorcycle crash lawsuits on a regular basis. An experienced accident attorney will be familiar with the court process and be able to maximize your recovery.

Vital Information About Plea Deals

When an accused offender faces criminal allegations they want nothing better then to curtail the potential repercussions for their irresponsible actions. Being judged innocent by trial would be their ideal choice however, they also understand that there may be sufficient evidence in the hands of the prosecution to put them behind bars for a good many years. In these situations the accused may deem their best course of action to avoid prison time is to agree to a plea bargain.I strongly suggest you to visit do plea deals really work to learn more about this.Image result for Plea Deals

Plea bargaining is nothing more then a defendant and prosecutor agreement whereas the accused agrees to a guilty plea in exchange for specific concessions from the state prosecutor. As a nation where individual rights are honored above all else, these plea bargains are viewed by some as an extension of their inalienable rights, while the victims in most case assert that it is a means of depriving them of their moment of justice. Many factors from both sides come into equal play as the individual plea bargain offer is created. Both the defense and the prosecuting attorney must weigh the various strengths of their case before making a firm decision. It is estimated that 95% of the cases appearing in court are resolved by the process of pleas bargaining (Watson 2010). In high profile cases the prosecution would do well to take into consideration the feelings of the public in their recommendations.

Pros and cons as they relate to plea bargaining usual produce some heat discussions based upon both sides of the issue. The general procedure is that in a case of maximum sentence being imposed the prosecutors may offer the defendant a mere fraction of that in the event he or she will select a plea of guilty. In most cases a selection between either a guilty plea and of a trial will affect the final sentence handed down by the judge viewing the case.

The major advantage offered in support of plea bargaining is that the process saves the state valuable resources by the absence of a criminal trial. The defendant naturally gains the most benefit with an agreed upon plea bargain since they will ultimately avoid the uncertainty associated with the criminal trial as well as not receiving the maximum penalty for their suspected crimes. Although in reality the defendant should have been penalized for his infringement of the laws he is actually being rewarded for pleading guilty to a lesser offense thus saving the court crucial time as well as space within our penal institutions. A review of the criminals who are currently serving time for minor offenses is phenomenal. Plea bargaining actively opens up an avenue for the minor offenses to be dealt in a slightly different manner. In addition to the requirement for less prison time it effectively opens the door for convictions of the more hardened criminals.

Not all of the plea bargaining cases will hinge upon economic consideration. Judges often wish to reduce the docket overload and ease the strain upon the court system (Palmer 1999) while the prosecutors look good if they have a high conviction rate. The public defenders really do not care to be in those situations where they are required to do “pro-bono” legal representation, so they would like nothing better then to tie up the loose cases and get on with their more fulfilling cases. Those private defense counsels hired by the defendants do not actually care what the outcome of the case will be as they will receive payment regardless of whether their client goes to trial or accepts a plea bargain.

Looking closely at the disadvantages of the courts plea bargain program we find the greatest disadvantage of plea bargaining is that the victims or their families fail to see the justice unfold that they feel should have been dealt out by the court system. This often puts a sour taste into the mouth of the families and appears to them as if they were forsaken by the judicial system. This is particularly dominant in capital crime cases. Secondly, there is a possibility that an innocent defendant that selects the plea bargain as an option is one who is fearful of a guilty verdict in a trial by jury (Bowers 2008). With the high use of plea bargaining there are greater episodes of poor police investigations or even the defenses attorneys who may fail to properly prepare the case for presentation.

There are also many legal representatives who feel that the process of plea bargaining is essentially unconstitutional since it deprives the accused of the constitutional right for a trial by a jury. It is contended that the process should be abolished as many view this legal program as placing the complete legal system under a compromising cloak of injustice. It dishonorably displays an unfair attitude towards the victim while it dampens the value of our legal professions. In all reality if the case is presented and properly backed with adequate evidence the criminal will be judged and promptly sent to a prison as described by law. On the other hand, in the event that the prosecution fails to properly establish guilt with evidence they possess then the defendant rightfully should go free.

Legal tips for compliance – An Overview

A contract compliance program is designed to make sure that employers doing business with the local and Federal government, etc. comply with the laws and/or regulations which usually require non-discrimination and and affirmative action in employments. The entity related to these procedures is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs also referred to as ‘OFCCP’ which is part the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration.

According to the Labor Compliance Program and labor law requirements the contract should address the following procedures:

The Payment of Prevailing Wage Rates: This section is all about the regulations and laws relating to prevailing wage rates. Basically contractors and the subcontractors hired to complete the job are required to pay workers the wages specified on the labor code. If the project goes over the estimated amounts then it is necessary to refer to more specific sections under the same code. All information pertaining to wages should be posted for all workers to view.

Apprentices: Under this section contractors and subcontractors are required to follow the labor code section 1777.5 by hiring registered apprentices at the time to execute a public work project. We get more info on legal tips for compliance

Penalties: As expected, if the contractor or subcontractor fails to comply with the laws related to prevailing wages there will be penalties. These are also applicable if the parties mentioned fail to employ registered apprentices which also includes forfeitures and debarments.

Certified Payroll Records: This section is designed to make sure that contractors and subcontractors keep accurate payroll records which should show all the details about the employees, apprentices and workers. Information such as hours worked, overtime, social securities, names and addresses are required. These documents should be certified and made available for inspection throughout business hours and submitted to to the district every week as well.

Non-discrimination in Employment: This is actually pretty obvious but required element in this type of contract. Employment discrimination is prohibited under the government, labor, public codes, etc. It is also required for employers to to keep an ‘Equal employment poster’ at the job site for applicants to see.

Kickbacks Prohibited: This is also a pretty important section of the contract, which establishes that employers are not allowed to extract ‘kickback’ or to take wages illegally from an employee wage.

Acceptance of fees prohibited: As the title implies, contractors and subcontractors are not allowed to receive ‘fees’ in order to register or filling work orders which enables a person for public work.

As you can see a contract compliance program involves several requirements which need to be fulfilled in order not to brake any laws or codes. Other equally important sections often included in such contracts include, but are not limited to: Workers Compensation Insurance, licensing, prohibition of unfair competition, O.S.H.A. regulations, subcontractor listings, etc.

Strategies to Battle Traffic Tickets

You may be thinking that acquiring pulled over by the police officer for just a traffic infraction is stressful, but if you’ve ever been on the actual receiving stop of traffic tickets you are aware that the stress does not stop there. Upon having received a violation you have the use of paying the charge and having check in stick to your record, at least to your state’s necessary period of time. Some sort of traffic infringement will also boost your insurance top quality rates. Your second option is for you to dispute your current violation in a very court of law. Several states will help you challenge an officer’s subjectivity. Challenge your officer’s view of the way he/she perceived your movements. Getting pulled over for making the ‘unsafe’ left turn can be easily inhibited. Describe how a officer was at a vantage point where he/she could not make this call. Describe how we were acting accordingly along with safely. To prevent the predicament of your phrase against the officer’s word, bring informative evidence with you. Typically, when it is your narrative against the history of a legislations officer this judge will most likely side with the officer. Which means you can not rely solely in your words as a method of safeguard. In order to elevate doubt inside the mind in the judge, you have to bring convincing evidence of banking account of what occured. more info here

If possible provide eyewitness accounts on the incident. Those who seen the actual alleged episode such as individuals or bystanders perform as eyewitnesses. Slides, such as a uncomplicated diagram featuring your vehicle and the police car or truck can be helpful supports. These blueprints can explain how the policeman was not capable of make a distinct call coming from his vantage point. Footage usually are another example of visual aids. Carry photos involving hidden or even damaged street signs. This will assist illustrate how you will did not see the sign. It’s also possible to use this as the second means of describing the officer’s weak vantage point. By way of example, snap a few pictures from which the police vehicle was standing, in addition to where your own vehicle seemed to be. This may increase questions about how clear of any judgment the police officer built.

Proving there was clearly circumstances away from control may help in your favor. By way of example, if you unknowing passed a walking walk for the reason that strips weren’t visible (simply because they were light), how could you get stopped? You might not cease because you couldn’t know you had to stop in the first place. Which you find in the infraction, although committed, an honest oversight. In some instances looking to prove that your particular actions were legally justified may help to your advantage. You may have been driving slowly and gradually in the remaining lane so that you can prepare for a legitimate left switch. Although you may have already been driving slowly but surely, you were preparing to make a secure turn. Sometimes it may feel similar to beating the system is impossible. Additionally, it can be easier to just pay for the fines linked to traffic tickets and proceed. On the other hand, traffic violations can be quite costly but not only from the immediate perception. You will have to deal with increased rates as a result of this kind of violation likewise.

All About Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Statistics for Florida

Another type of federal drug offense is a drug related offense. Drug related offenses happen when the effect of using the drug leads an individual to commit further offenses. Drug-related offenses occur when a drug user exhibits violent behavior due to drug use or steals in order to acquire money to purchase drugs. Often times, drug use leads a person to make choices that they would not normally make. Because of this, it is easy to find yourself committing a crime the one might never consider when under the influence of illegal drugs. Federal drug crime charges can be very frightening and it is important to have a dedicated criminal defense attorney familiar with federal criminal law who will answer any questions you may have quickly and in an easy to understand manner. Checkout for more here.

A federal drug charge may carry a severe minimum mandatory sentence and can significantly affect all aspects of your personal and professional life. For example, in many cases, minimum sentence for first offense drug trafficking will be not less than five years and if death or serious injury are involved, not less than twenty years. Monetary penalties can reach into the millions of dollars. Once second and more offense have occurred, an individual can end up sentenced to life imprisonment. This includes marijuana as well as any other controlled substance used illegally. It is important to understand the severity of the charges and ensure that you are represented by a federal criminal lawyer who has the knowledge to defend this type of charge.

Drug cases can involve a search and seizure of your home or vehicle, as well as being taken into police custody. The Constitution of the United States of America prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of an individual’s property. This is your right as a citizen, but this right is somewhat limited. Sometimes, police take liberties in stopping people without probable cause, and arresting people based on illegal foundations which lead to an unreasonable search and/or seizure. The experience that the attorney offers can be crucial in determining if drug charges were made due to an improper search and seizure.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any defense attorney. In the case of federal drug charges, it is crucial to find an attorney with experience in this specific area of law. You don’t want to leave your defense to the first lawyer you find on Google. Take your time, do some research and find a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced with this type of charge who will do their best to defend your rights in court.