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Cacao Powder- Health Benefits

The seed of the cacao tree, the cacao bean, has had a lot of attention recently due to its suggested health benefits. It has been confirmed by the ORAC test (ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity), that one single spoonful of raw cacao powder has over 25000 antioxidants.I strongly suggest you to visit Cacao Powder to learn more about this.

Antioxidants protect us from harmful free radicals. A free radical is an unpaired electron. These electrons produce energy for us. As well as this, they defend us against infection too, so they are necessary for life. The only problem is these single electrons need to be in a pair. The electrons match up by stealing others and therefore more single electrons are formed. It’s when these new pairs are formed we get problems, as damage is caused to the surrounding cells. Antioxidants are the body’s defence system. They cancel out free radicals that are causing damage to the surrounding cells by giving them another electron.

The free radical defence system needs Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The only problem is that we cannot produce these vital vitamins ourselves, so we have to keep replacing them. Other main antioxidants include, the carotenes, especially beta-carotene and the minerals selenium, magnesium and zinc.

Cacao powder is packed with nutrients, including calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Cacao powder is also rich in flavonoids. Flavonoid studies have suggested that they may have health benefits, which include anti-allergic, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Cacao Powder is a true super food. It is also a sweet tooth alternative and a much healthier alternative choice for chocolate lovers. The health benefits of dark chocolate have been well documented. However, Cacao powder simply outclasses this or any other super food based on its high antioxidant levels.

Cacao beans are grown and cold pressed. The cacao butter oil is removed after pressing and the cacao cake-like residue is ground into a fine powder. The powdering process takes place in a controlled environment, which makes sure that the temperature remains low. By maintaining a low temperature the nutritional potency is kept intact. Processing Cacao in this way increases its health benefits.

When mixed with fruit or anything with a natural sweetness the chocolaty flavour of the cocoa bean is released. However, if you add the Cacao powder to dairy products this does inhibit the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. So for best results the powder is best uncooked and not added to any dairy.

Cacao powder is a delicious and simple addition to your diet and it can make a great deal of difference to your nutritional intake. Cacao powder is a truly delicious super food that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A Closer Look Into Addiction Treatment Port St Lucie

It is quite an obvious fact that there are many individuals indulging in alcohol abuse. Many of them have become very addicted that they cannot do without taking in doses of alcoholic drinks and related substances. All over the world, beginning with the US, many people are endangering their lives on daily basis as they dabble into alcohol. Many are now dependent on alcohol as a way of escape from the real world.

People who get intoxicated with alcohol end up disgracing themselves at the slightest provocation. They are usually known to be very restless whenever they can’t find their favorite alcoholic drink or substance. Such individuals usually purchase enough alcoholic elements daily for their use. However, there are people who really want to break way from it. Other peoples especially a wife whose husband is a heavy drinker and hard drug lover could do a lot to help her addicted man if he is actually into the habit.

Currently, Alcohol Treatment is now very possible. This begins with the assistance of the treatment center where the addict is having his or her treatment. The Alcohol Treatment is usually handled the way most addictions are handled. There are various treatment programs involved in the handling process. These include: in-patient treatment plan, out-patient treatment plan, withdrawal plan and many more.If you’re looking for more tips, Addiction Treatment Port St Lucie has it for you.

The process of Alcohol Treatment commences when the addict is admitted for treatment in a rehab center where such cases are handled. Usually the medical professional subjects the addicts to various tests in order to determine the level of alcoholic addiction in their lives. If the alcohol level has gone very far, the person is therefore hospitalized. Other treatment processes follow suit.

On the other hand, if the patient’s case is still very minimal, he or she is placed under out-patient plan. With such a wonderful plan, the addict is sure to break loose from the grips of alcohol as he or she comes from home to take the treatment.

Alcohol Treatment also involves a withdrawal process. This is actually not all that easy as most alcohol addicts have made the stuff their second nature. The withdrawal process is never very rosy on the part of the addicts. It is always a very difficult process that may generate after-effects such as sever headache, stomach pain, fever, nausea and many more. However, one must understand that there is always a price to pay in order to break loose from the grips of alcohol. It is better to pay the price and regain your freedom than to just ignore it and watch your life ebb away gradually.

In the final analysis, Alcohol Treatment indeed is not a joke when you want to go for it. There is nothing like ‘having fun’ in it. It is a pure medical approach aimed at helping the addicts come out of the habit and begin to live normal alcohol-free life. The treatment therefore calls for adequate preparedness and determination on the part of the addicts.

Alcohol is the intoxicating agent in fermented drinks. Typically, it is a colorless liquid substance usually produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch and used in the manufacturing of various beers and other drinks.

All over the world, there are many drinks being manufactured with alcohol. A good number of them do come with high concentration while others do come with less. In the world today, many people are into the habit of daily consumption of alcoholic drinks. Taking alcohol is not a problem or an illegal stuff, but the issue of getting intoxicated is where the problem lies. Many people are getting addicted to alcohol and this does not augur well with their well being.

The abuse of alcohol and its addiction has indeed left many people miserable. The constant intake of alcohol is never for the good of the body tissues and other important parts making the body sound and healthy. It is well known fact that alcohol is very dangerous to health especially to the nervous system of man. Getting intoxicated with alcohol is capable of leading to mental disorder, hallucination, brain damage and other forms of disorders. Many times it leads to alteration of the chemical process of the body and in extreme cases; it can lead to the damage of the sperm production in men.

The panacea to the above situation is simply through Alcohol Treatment. This is indeed the process of getting alcohol addicts free from the grips of the intoxicating agent. Many people who engage in incessant intake of alcohol find it difficult to miss it even for a day. For so many alcohol addicts, life is meaningless without alcohol and a day is not well spent without the gulping of various kinds of alcoholic drinks.

Indeed, Alcohol Treatment is not a day’s job. It takes much time depending on the seriousness and response of the addict involved. The treatment process begins with the arrival of the addict into any of the reliable addiction treatment centers or Alcohol rehab centers. In such establishments, there are trained medical professionals already on ground to deal with the issue.

Addicts whose situations have gone too far beyond the danger zone are normally hospitalized and put under the in-patient treatment program. In such treatment plan, detoxification is introduced. This is the process of removing all the alcoholic drinks from the reach of the addict. The process of withdrawal comes with bodily reactions such as: stomach pain, fever, headache and nausea but with time the patient gets over them. Again, Alcohol Treatment also involves the used of counseling sessions where cognitive therapeutic methods are also engaged in discovering the causes of the addiction. Useful step-by-step programs geared towards arresting the addiction habit is also shown to the addict.

Assisted Living Facilities

Patients who are inflicted with chronic diseases or disabling conditions, those who have long term care needs, and even seniors often find themselves having difficulties in performing their basic activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs are the everyday self-care activities which include tasks such as bathing, grooming, personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, feeding, functional transfers, and toileting to name a few. Patients who require support in these tasks are the ones who need aid from assisted living


Assisted living communities can either be a simple residence for care or can be a part of a care program in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). These places have a homey atmosphere that is why they are often a popular care setting choice for both patients and their families. They are really close to the description of a “second home” as facilities feature apartment-like designs with studio or one-bedroom options.

As mentioned earlier, assisted living can be appropriate for seniors. Elders who have experienced health problems that led to their requirement of additional help in their ADLs can experience great benefits when they enter such facilities. Care is available and can be obtained whenever it is needed. An additional benefit is that, they can reside in a place wherein they can enjoy social life with little responsibilities. This means they can keep their independence while being cared for.

How do assisted living facilities differ from independent living and nursing homes?

Independent living is regarded as a part of continuum care wherein assisted living is considered as the next level to it. Communities for this type of setting helps residents develop and maintain self-determination and self-respect so they can look at disability in a more positive way. Residents can perform their usual activities independently with less assistance. However, this form of housing is not just for those who have physical disabilities but also for seniors. Moreover, similar to assisted living, independent living communities also have apartment, single home or townhouse styles.

Now, as for nursing homes, this care setting perfectly suits people who require skilled medical care but do not want to be confined in the hospital. Patients are cared for by skilled nurses 24 hours a day. Unlike the care in assisted living, the care provided in nursing homes is medical including physical, speech and occupational therapy— the complex medical services. Also, they offer medication assistance which can either be or not be allowed in some assisted living communities.

Assisted living facilities can be the alternative choice for eldercare. Seniors who no longer see independent living as appropriate, and similarly do not require 24-hour medical care by a nursing home can choose this care setting which promises to promote independence and dignity.

Understanding the difference between various care settings and the services they provide can also help families decide which place of care will best suit their loved one’s needs. Deciding on such matter is quite difficult and involves a lot of emotions. Be sure to include your elder or whoever your patient is in deciding wherein they would like to receive care.

Chiropractic Insider’s Guide

As a practicing doctor of chiropractic in San Antonio, Texas for 17 years, I have seen and tried many different approaches to practice. Over the course of my time in chiropractic, I have used several practice management consultants. While all of these consultants had their own unique style and recommendations, they all strongly advised a “high volume” model of practice. Have a look at for more info on this.

A high volume model of practice means that the doctor of chiropractic strictly rations his or her time with each patient. For a typical treatment in a high volume practice, the doctor spends two to five minutes (sometimes even less) personally treating each patient and then may have an assistant and/or some type of machine provide additional therapy. Most often, the additional therapy is in the form of electrical stimulation or some other unattended treatment.

In my experience and opinion (I’m sure many doctors of chiropractic will disagree), many of these unattended therapies are of minimal benefit and seem to be used more frequently as a means of increasing the doctor’s reimbursement from the patient’s insurance than they are as a means of helping the patient recover. I base my opinion on my on personal experience with using these treatments and on my observations and discussions with other chiropractors that many doctors forgo these treatments on most uninsured patients, yet always use them on insured patients.

These days the majority of chiropractors intentionally run “high volume” practices. While this can be a good system for those patients with relatively minor problems who don’t really need any intensive treatment, many people these days simply need more than a cursory chiropractic adjustment and some electrical stimulation.

We are all under considerable amounts of stress. Most of us don’t eat optimal diets. Most people don’t get appropriate amounts of exercise. Many do not get adequate sleep. These lifestyle factors place an incredible load on the body and often manifest physically as pain, tight and sore muscles, restricted mobility, irritability, and other symptoms.

That “standard treatment” used by many doctors of chiropractic might have worked for most people at one time, but times have changed and, based on my experience in my San Antonio practice, most people need more in-depth treatment these days to get better in a reasonable amount of time.
In my practice, I not only do a very thorough chiropractic adjustment that includes the whole spine, but I also perform muscle and soft tissue release techniques, evaluate the extremities (joints and muscles of the arms and legs) when needed, discuss nutrition and exercise, and work with you on stress management and reduction.

Importance Of Liposuction Boston

What Are The Advantages Of Carrying Out The Surgery?

It is said that this surgery is enough to treat all problem areas in the tummy or the upper abdomen. Larger areas can be fixed with the surgery and then only a single procedure will suffice. The surgery needs to be done with general anesthesia to reduce the uncomfortable feeling during the time the process is taking place. It must be said that the results are more visible and less invasive than the other surgeries. It should be remembered and the candidates should be made aware that the surgery is not meant to reduce and tackle the obesity problems. The surgeons do not vouch for the fact that the weight of the candidate will be considerably reduced after the surgery though it is true that some weight of a candidate will be reduced because of the removal of fat. I strongly suggest you to visit Liposuction Boston to learn more about this.

Who Is A Good Candidate For The Surgery?

Liposuction is really of utmost help when the fat is deposited unevenly over the body. The candidate must have their weight within 30% of the ideal weight set by the standards of BMI. The skin possessed by the candidate should be smooth and elastic so that the muscles and the skin remain taut after the procedure. The candidate should not be a smoker or an alcoholic by inclination because it will only hamper the healing process. Moreover, if the candidate is going through ailments like that of the heart and any kind of immunity disorders then it is better that the candidate stays clear of the surgery.

What Are The Risks Which Come With The Surgery?

As with the other major surgeries liposuction has its share of risks and trepidation on the part of the candidate. Bleeding and allergic reactions to anesthesia can also be experienced after this process is performed. The surgical zone at times might feel bumpy and irregular because of the uneven fat removal from the area. A spot like appearance is seen in the area where a surgical pipe is inserted into the surgical zone to stop the buildup of fluids. For a few days after the surgery there might be a certain numbness which continues for certain weeks. Though precautions are taken to avoid skin infections it is seen that sometimes these infections crop up during the recovery period. At times the cannula which is inserted into the surgical zone for fat removal also could give way to punctures to the internal organs. The candidate must also reveal to the surgeon any kind of medicines or prescriptions which the individual is following.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Overland Park

Testosterone replacement therapy is a very enticing option for men suffering from the effects of below average levels. Bringing testosterone levels back to the high end of the normal range can:

-Increase muscle mass

-Sharpen memory and concentration

-Increase libido

-Improve energy levels

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is known as a male hormone, though it is present in both genders. It is produced mainly in the male testicles and female ovaries. Its function in men includes:

  • Production of sperm
  • Regulation of bone density
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Sex drive
  • Stimulation of muscle strength and mass
  • Distribution of fat in the body

When there is a problem in the testicles, directly or by means of the pituitary gland that controls them, men suffer from a condition called Hypogonadism. As the production of testosterone in the body is insufficient to maintain a regular state of health, an external source of the hormone needs to be used to prevent the symptoms that arise from low testosterone levels in men. These can be anything from injections into the muscle tissue to topical creams and gels. There are also patches and pellets that can be used. Checkout Testosterone Replacement Therapy Overland Park for more info.

Testosterone and Aging

Testosterone level are known to be at their highest level during adolescence, remaining somewhat stable until the age of 30, after which there is a pattern of slow, gradual decline, typically in the range of one percent a year. This decline is considered natural and is different from the decline produced by disease, but because of it some men use testosterone replacement therapy in an attempt to reduce the symptoms of aging.

Can Testosterone Therapy Reverse Aging?

To some extent it can help, though it is not a magic elixir. Many of signs and symptoms that men experience are directly linked to lower testosterone levels, but can have other contributing factors. There are also many symptoms that have nothing to do with testosterone. Some things that are affected by it are:

  • Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia. This can sometimes be caused by low testosterone levels.
  • Sexual function, such as the inability to have an erection, lower sexual appetite and lower fertility.
  • Bone, muscle mass and fat distribution can all be affected by testosterone levels as the hormone plays a key function in all these areas. Lower energy levels and even hair loss can result from reduced testosterone.

• Psychological well being can be affected as motivation and confidence decreases, with sadness and depression, as well as a general mental fogginess.

Things To Consider Before Using Super P Force

Sexual impotence can significantly affect a man’s life. The condition can cause stress in your relationship that may even lead to breakup or divorce. Moreover, the sexual disability can affect your self-esteem. This may lead to depression, anxiety, and various other psychological disorders.That is why it’s best to treat the condition before it affects you too much. excellent info on this.

Most men use medication such as Super P force for the treatment of sexual impotence. The impotence medication works at a physiological level to treat the problem. That being said, the medication cannot alone treat the underlying cause of the condition.

For permanent treatment of sexual impotence, you should seek medical help to identify and address the cause of the condition. The following are some common causes of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  1. Emotional Problems

The prime reason for sexual impotence in men is emotional problems. Individuals that suffer from stress, depression, or other psychological conditions are not able to achieve an erection for intercourse. Before an erection, individuals go through an excitement phase. Emotional disturbances prevent the individual from getting excited during foreplay with their partner.

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  1. Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Another reason for erectile dysfunction in men drug or alcohol abuse. Certain drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine can lead to sexual disorders. Taking too much of these drugs may prevent you from achieving an erection for intercourse. Moreover, alcoholism or excessive consumption of alcohol may also affect your ability to achieve an erection.

  1. Heart Related Disorders

Heart related disorders could also cause sexual problems in men. When the heart is not working efficiently, blood does not flow properly towards the penile tissue during arousal, which results in erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels increases the risk of sexual impotence. Moreover, atherosclerosis is another heart condition that clogs the blood vessels, compromising your ability to achieve an erection for intercourse.

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  1. Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorders also increase the risk of sexual impotence. Neurological disorders affect the brain cells ability to communicate with the reproductive system. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, spinal or brain tumours are conditions that can result in impotence.

  1. Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine diseases can also prevent you from achieving an erection for intercourse. The endocrine system regulates mood, reproduction, metabolism, and sexual function. When the endocrine system does not function properly, it negatively affects sexual performance and ability. Treating the disorder may restore normal sexual functioning.