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Chiropractic Insider’s Guide

As a practicing doctor of chiropractic in San Antonio, Texas for 17 years, I have seen and tried many different approaches to practice. Over the course of my time in chiropractic, I have used several practice management consultants. While all of these consultants had their own unique style and recommendations, they all strongly advised a “high volume” model of practice. Have a look at for more info on this.

A high volume model of practice means that the doctor of chiropractic strictly rations his or her time with each patient. For a typical treatment in a high volume practice, the doctor spends two to five minutes (sometimes even less) personally treating each patient and then may have an assistant and/or some type of machine provide additional therapy. Most often, the additional therapy is in the form of electrical stimulation or some other unattended treatment.

In my experience and opinion (I’m sure many doctors of chiropractic will disagree), many of these unattended therapies are of minimal benefit and seem to be used more frequently as a means of increasing the doctor’s reimbursement from the patient’s insurance than they are as a means of helping the patient recover. I base my opinion on my on personal experience with using these treatments and on my observations and discussions with other chiropractors that many doctors forgo these treatments on most uninsured patients, yet always use them on insured patients.

These days the majority of chiropractors intentionally run “high volume” practices. While this can be a good system for those patients with relatively minor problems who don’t really need any intensive treatment, many people these days simply need more than a cursory chiropractic adjustment and some electrical stimulation.

We are all under considerable amounts of stress. Most of us don’t eat optimal diets. Most people don’t get appropriate amounts of exercise. Many do not get adequate sleep. These lifestyle factors place an incredible load on the body and often manifest physically as pain, tight and sore muscles, restricted mobility, irritability, and other symptoms.

That “standard treatment” used by many doctors of chiropractic might have worked for most people at one time, but times have changed and, based on my experience in my San Antonio practice, most people need more in-depth treatment these days to get better in a reasonable amount of time.
In my practice, I not only do a very thorough chiropractic adjustment that includes the whole spine, but I also perform muscle and soft tissue release techniques, evaluate the extremities (joints and muscles of the arms and legs) when needed, discuss nutrition and exercise, and work with you on stress management and reduction.

Importance Of Liposuction Boston

What Are The Advantages Of Carrying Out The Surgery?

It is said that this surgery is enough to treat all problem areas in the tummy or the upper abdomen. Larger areas can be fixed with the surgery and then only a single procedure will suffice. The surgery needs to be done with general anesthesia to reduce the uncomfortable feeling during the time the process is taking place. It must be said that the results are more visible and less invasive than the other surgeries. It should be remembered and the candidates should be made aware that the surgery is not meant to reduce and tackle the obesity problems. The surgeons do not vouch for the fact that the weight of the candidate will be considerably reduced after the surgery though it is true that some weight of a candidate will be reduced because of the removal of fat. I strongly suggest you to visit Liposuction Boston to learn more about this.

Who Is A Good Candidate For The Surgery?

Liposuction is really of utmost help when the fat is deposited unevenly over the body. The candidate must have their weight within 30% of the ideal weight set by the standards of BMI. The skin possessed by the candidate should be smooth and elastic so that the muscles and the skin remain taut after the procedure. The candidate should not be a smoker or an alcoholic by inclination because it will only hamper the healing process. Moreover, if the candidate is going through ailments like that of the heart and any kind of immunity disorders then it is better that the candidate stays clear of the surgery.

What Are The Risks Which Come With The Surgery?

As with the other major surgeries liposuction has its share of risks and trepidation on the part of the candidate. Bleeding and allergic reactions to anesthesia can also be experienced after this process is performed. The surgical zone at times might feel bumpy and irregular because of the uneven fat removal from the area. A spot like appearance is seen in the area where a surgical pipe is inserted into the surgical zone to stop the buildup of fluids. For a few days after the surgery there might be a certain numbness which continues for certain weeks. Though precautions are taken to avoid skin infections it is seen that sometimes these infections crop up during the recovery period. At times the cannula which is inserted into the surgical zone for fat removal also could give way to punctures to the internal organs. The candidate must also reveal to the surgeon any kind of medicines or prescriptions which the individual is following.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Overland Park

Testosterone replacement therapy is a very enticing option for men suffering from the effects of below average levels. Bringing testosterone levels back to the high end of the normal range can:

-Increase muscle mass

-Sharpen memory and concentration

-Increase libido

-Improve energy levels

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is known as a male hormone, though it is present in both genders. It is produced mainly in the male testicles and female ovaries. Its function in men includes:

  • Production of sperm
  • Regulation of bone density
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Sex drive
  • Stimulation of muscle strength and mass
  • Distribution of fat in the body

When there is a problem in the testicles, directly or by means of the pituitary gland that controls them, men suffer from a condition called Hypogonadism. As the production of testosterone in the body is insufficient to maintain a regular state of health, an external source of the hormone needs to be used to prevent the symptoms that arise from low testosterone levels in men. These can be anything from injections into the muscle tissue to topical creams and gels. There are also patches and pellets that can be used. Checkout Testosterone Replacement Therapy Overland Park for more info.

Testosterone and Aging

Testosterone level are known to be at their highest level during adolescence, remaining somewhat stable until the age of 30, after which there is a pattern of slow, gradual decline, typically in the range of one percent a year. This decline is considered natural and is different from the decline produced by disease, but because of it some men use testosterone replacement therapy in an attempt to reduce the symptoms of aging.

Can Testosterone Therapy Reverse Aging?

To some extent it can help, though it is not a magic elixir. Many of signs and symptoms that men experience are directly linked to lower testosterone levels, but can have other contributing factors. There are also many symptoms that have nothing to do with testosterone. Some things that are affected by it are:

  • Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia. This can sometimes be caused by low testosterone levels.
  • Sexual function, such as the inability to have an erection, lower sexual appetite and lower fertility.
  • Bone, muscle mass and fat distribution can all be affected by testosterone levels as the hormone plays a key function in all these areas. Lower energy levels and even hair loss can result from reduced testosterone.

• Psychological well being can be affected as motivation and confidence decreases, with sadness and depression, as well as a general mental fogginess.

Things To Consider Before Using Super P Force

Sexual impotence can significantly affect a man’s life. The condition can cause stress in your relationship that may even lead to breakup or divorce. Moreover, the sexual disability can affect your self-esteem. This may lead to depression, anxiety, and various other psychological disorders.That is why it’s best to treat the condition before it affects you too much. excellent info on this.

Most men use medication such as Super P force for the treatment of sexual impotence. The impotence medication works at a physiological level to treat the problem. That being said, the medication cannot alone treat the underlying cause of the condition.

For permanent treatment of sexual impotence, you should seek medical help to identify and address the cause of the condition. The following are some common causes of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  1. Emotional Problems

The prime reason for sexual impotence in men is emotional problems. Individuals that suffer from stress, depression, or other psychological conditions are not able to achieve an erection for intercourse. Before an erection, individuals go through an excitement phase. Emotional disturbances prevent the individual from getting excited during foreplay with their partner.

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  1. Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Another reason for erectile dysfunction in men drug or alcohol abuse. Certain drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine can lead to sexual disorders. Taking too much of these drugs may prevent you from achieving an erection for intercourse. Moreover, alcoholism or excessive consumption of alcohol may also affect your ability to achieve an erection.

  1. Heart Related Disorders

Heart related disorders could also cause sexual problems in men. When the heart is not working efficiently, blood does not flow properly towards the penile tissue during arousal, which results in erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels increases the risk of sexual impotence. Moreover, atherosclerosis is another heart condition that clogs the blood vessels, compromising your ability to achieve an erection for intercourse.

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  1. Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorders also increase the risk of sexual impotence. Neurological disorders affect the brain cells ability to communicate with the reproductive system. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, spinal or brain tumours are conditions that can result in impotence.

  1. Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine diseases can also prevent you from achieving an erection for intercourse. The endocrine system regulates mood, reproduction, metabolism, and sexual function. When the endocrine system does not function properly, it negatively affects sexual performance and ability. Treating the disorder may restore normal sexual functioning.