Day: June 11, 2019

Doing a Minimalist Home Makeover-Some Insights

Here are some practical and simple tips and ideas on how to decorate and significantly improve the home set up.

1. Clean the house. Get rid of all the items and equipment that are already not used for quite some time. Forget about sentimental values. There is a stock room for this non-useful objects. Say good bye to all of them. Remember, it pays to make your home more wide-spaced and practically cozier and more beautiful.Check out an article from for more info.

2. Consider a repaint. Soft and bright colors are a welcome note. Stay away from hot colors that may prevent your eyes from relaxing after a long and hard day from work.

3. Flowers used to be the refreshing d├ęcor at homes, but those days are over, Usually, flower bases also become the habitat for insects and gross organisms so put them away. Gardens are for flowers. Do not turn your home into a mini garden.

4. Sort the things according to their uses, functions and classifications. For example, kitchenware are to be placed exclusively at the kitchen. Bookcases are to be filled with books and magazines, not the quick stock room for minuscule dress pieces like underwear and stuff.

5. Create a mini office out of a room that is not of use. That would prevent you from turning your bedroom into the extension of your office table. The bedroom is for relaxation and sleeping, not for work.

6. Put carpets on the floor. They make up for a homier and more comfortable feel for the home.

7. Clean the bathroom. Make sure the tiles are suited to your taste. If you feel uncomfortable with the design and color of your bathroom tiles, then consider a change or a bathroom makeover.

8. Make sure the lights are properly installed. Hire an electrical engineer to make sure all electric connections in the house are still safe and are properly and functionally installed. Overall makeover or redecorating of your home is needed if you are not comfortable with your house anymore. Seek advice and opinion from friends and family about how they think the house could be made even better. The house is your sanctuary. Make it more comfortable.