Day: June 1, 2019

Refurbishing a Deck Brookline MA – Fundamentals Explained

An outdoor deck is the most ideal, relaxing addition to a homeowner and his family. Of course, building a brand new wooden deck can be a very pricey project. If you want a newer looking deck, one that you will feel proud sitting on, one that you will help you remember the joys of outdoor living, then follow this guide. You can easily and cheaply restore your old, neglected deck in a few useful steps.Refurbishing a Deck Brookline MA offers excellent info on this.

Step One: Make necessary repairs.
Initially, it is recommended to inspect every inch of your deck for rotting and decay. Especially pay close attention to the parts of the deck with close proximity to the ground. If you can sink a screwdriver into your wood at any area, these are clear signs of decay and you are going to need to repair. Additionally, you want to pay close attention to where the deck connects to your house. Remove any screws or bolts that are old and rusted and be sure the new ones are tightly secured. Lastly, you want to inspect for cosmetic damage. To do this you tap down any nails that have popped up and completely stabilize a railing if it has come loose.

Step Two: Clean the surface area.
Though most homeowners disregard it, all outdoor decks should be annually cleaned. Sometimes that is all you need for a completely new and modern deck. There are many deck cleaners out there and to apply it you should use a stiff-brittle brush as well as all possible elbow grease. Keep your close by plants protected from the strong chemicals and be sure to wear eye protection and gloves during the process.

Step Three: Apply the stain.
This is what makes a deck look brand new again. Newer decks will look their best with a clear or transparent finish while older decks are recommended to have a semi-transparent stain. Keep in mind that it typically takes three times longer to stain older woods because they require three or more coats. The pigment will protect from damaging effects of the sun and create a uniform color between older and newer planks.

Step Four: Replace your flimsy rails.
For the most part, the railing can be the weakest part of a deck, especially older ones. A sturdy and reliable railing is definitely needed for a safe and effective outdoor deck. If your entire railing needs replacing, now is the time to do it. There are many types of maintenance-free prefabricated railings available at home repair and improvement shops. You can also use mildew-resistant chalks to conceal minor gaps all over your deck.