Day: April 1, 2019

Things You Must Know About Trending Marketing Topics

If you’re searching for ways to attract thousands of visitors in a flash, without spending a fortune on advertising or paid promotions, “magic bullet” articles might be the solution for you. A magic bullet article is a story that is written specifically to drive traffic from search engine terms and trends that are hot right now. That trend could be a major news event or announcement, a person’s name, or a new expression that is growing in popularity.If you’re looking for more tips, trending marketing topics has it for you.

For example, a huge celebrity arrest, divorce, or death usually generates a spike in search engine traffic for that star’s name. Savvy article marketers can capitalize on some of that search engine buzz by posting keyword rich articles on article submission sites. Because these submission sites already carry clout with the engines, keyword rich articles are likely to appear in the search engines results page for target terms quickly. Marketers can also improve the rank of their article in the search engine results page by posting articles on other submission sites and creating back links to the original article.

Posting magic bullet articles is a great way to deliver a traffic surge to your site without spending a fortune on advertising. Although there are many benefits to writing magic bullet articles, it is inadvisable to make this strategy the only element of your marketing campaign. While magic bullet articles do deliver large quantities of traffic, the traffic will be largely untargeted (unless of course your site relates to the search engine trend).