Day: March 3, 2019

Being Safe on the Road-An Info

Always turn on your lights, especially at night. It’s amazing how many cars you’ll find on any given night just driving around in the dark with their lights off. What’s even worse is when people drive on the freeways with their lights turned off. Changing lanes on the freeway with your lights off during night time when you are hitting 80 mph is a disaster waiting to happen. If your vehicle allows it, always sets your light to “Auto” which is a function that automatically turns your light on once it turns dark, When you come to a stop sign, always make a complete stop.being safe on the road¬†offers excellent info on this.I’ve seen many folks merely slow down but not completely stop. Some people stop but don’t look left and right. It’s important to make sure that there aren’t any vehicles coming in order to avoid an accident.

Don’t ever get into a car with a drunk or even tipsy driver under any circumstance. Others tell themselves that it’s not a big deal and that the driver “only” had a drink or two. In 2008 there were over 13,000 alcohol related fatalities on the roads. Intoxicated people are impaired and don’t have the ability to reaction in time in case of an emergency. Avoid driving when it’s raining or slippery outside. Of course most of us have to drive to school or work but if you can avoid it, it’s better to stay home when the weather is poor. Rain and snow can seriously reduce visibility making it harder to see. Rain can also make the roads a lot more slippery.

Side impact accidents are the most serious ones and these are generally the result of a party running a red light. The problem is that people who run red lights usually accelerate so they are probably going faster than the speed limit, in some instances even over 60 mph. Never automatically press the gas just because the light is green but look left and right first in order to ensure that the coast is clear.

Changing lanes? Always physical turn your head before making a lane change. It is possible for a car to be stuck in your blind spot and obscured from your vision. Not looking when you are driving at a fast speed, like on a freeway, can lead to serious accidents. Be extra careful in parking lots and watch out for pedestrians. Cars are fighting for spots with pedestrians walking among cars; it’s a disaster waiting to happen. IIHS figures show that 20 percent of all accidents happen in parking lots. Always observe the speed limit when driving in a parking lot; the speed bumps are there for a reason.