Day: March 1, 2019

Power Generation Benefits Of Solar Energy

Since solar energy was introduced to the PV industry decades ago, it has become the hot topic of the renewable energy field. Those who run businesses in this industry may always highlight it and never speak a negative word of it, while those who run biofuel businesses may not be willing to release a fair good word of it either. This is not fair. Anything great or evil has at least two sides, and so is solar PV. What are they? Here is a general comparison of its benefits and shortcomings. By reading this article, you may make your final decision in a wiser way.


1.Solar energy can help us generate electricity for a longer time on which biofuels cannot compete with it. Sunlight is resourceful and can last for billions of years, while biofuels cannot. Now our world is facing energy shortage, and sunlight is one of the holy saviors. read more

2.By massively directing our attention to solar power generation, we can save unsustainable energy forms and create more new jobs to lower unemployment rates. This is obvious.

3.Building distributed solar systems and large-scale solar power plants can supply enough electricity to areas where residents have no access to the local utility grid. India is now doing the job and this is now benefiting its countrymen.

4.If you choose to go solar at home, you can enjoy bunches of visible and invisible benefits now and in the future, such as reducing your electricity bills, earning money from the electricity you generate, collecting subsidies or incentives from the local government, making your house cooler than before, helping protect the environment and so on.

5.You don’t have to maintain your solar devices such as solar panels and PV inverters as you maintain a traditional machine. It is easier than you think.

6.Helped with batteries, a home solar PV system can supply electricity 24 hours a day. Even when the local utility grid runs into trouble and cannot provide electricity, this won’t stop.